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The BDK SCHOLARS Program offers financial awards to local families wishing to send their child to a private high school in the Greater Cincinnati area. Awards are determined by one of three criteria including a student's passion for community service, academic drive, or financial need. Aside from receiving philanthropic mentoring, students agree to terms including participation in at least four local community service initiatives, annually, that we host or cooperatively accomplish with other local nonprofits. 

Instilling cultural awareness and fostering a commitment to serving others


The BDK Scholars Program is designed to provide financial assistance and support focused on education, philanthropic service and accountability to high school students that meet specific criteria.

This program is a multi-year commitment to each student based on their current grade and remaining years in high school.  

Applications will be accepted beginning February 2023.



With community support, Scholars are given the tools and opportunities to help them embrace their potential and gain the confidence needed to serve the community. Educating our Scholars on the importance of CPR is just one of the ways we prepare them for a future in volunteering. 


Our Scholars love to give back! Through creating our own service initiatives or by locking arms with other local nonprofits, we instill cultural awareness and foster their commitment to serving others. These experiences build a sense of accomplishment in our students and pride in the community. 


Future Philanthropists

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We provide our Scholars with a variety of experiences to empower them to recognize social challenges and take initiative in pursuit of implementing solutions. Our hope, as our Scholars transition into adulthood, is that their passion for volunteerism continues to flourish and inspires others. 

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