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Nick Keyes

Professional and Family

Nick Keyes grew up in Delshire, a small community in Delhi, surrounded by family, friends and sports. Attended St. Dominic for grade school and was encouraged by his parents to seek a higher education at Elder High School to prepare for the College experience. After receiving a solid basis for learning he proceeded on to the University of Cincinnati with a focus in Construction Management and Architectural Engineering. After receiving a degree in Construction Engineering he was motivated to seek more and dive into a double major of Real Estate Finance and Investment with a Marketing/Sales basis. This combination of learning experiences provided the backbone of his advancement into the community.

Nick has managed large corporate construction programs across the United States, consulted for and completed numerous projects ranging in value of $50k to $250m for more than 50 of the Forbes Fortune 500 companies as well as the one of franchisees, and has been a key team player within any organization he was providing value within over the past 16 years. His experiences have been enhanced by a thought process that everything is within reach if you can capitalize on the opportunities others present to you with the caveat that you are always “eyes wide open” to receive the moment.  His core focus in life is his family consisting of his wife Tessa Keyes, an established teacher and leader within Oak Hills School District and his 2 boys Dominic and Vincent whom attend St Jude School where they have found a home among leaders and friends.


“The drive to succeed professionally is only fulfilled with the ability to translate that success to the ones you love and cherish. Hence wanting to do more for the community…..”

Drive to Give Back

Nick was taught an early age to try and give back to those around him, not necessarily by monetary contributions, but more so to drive a change in yourself or someone else to see the bigger picture and drive towards what you want with a focus on knowing what to strive to and in turn ask for what you deserve. His core experiences granted him the inner focus to understand and embrace “hard work and dedication equals tangible results”. With drive and a plan, he was able to establish and accomplish his goals leading to success that could be shared among his family, friends and beyond.

Charitable Experiences

In 2009 he was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to join the Western Hills Lions Club with the focus of providing fun events locally to drive charitable net returns to the blind and sight impaired. This experience humbled his approach to how he saw the community and he decided to become more than a member occupying board positions for several years until becoming the youngest president on record. Over the next 7 years he spent off work hours he worked with an amazing team to bring over $ 100k to local blind / deaf impaired individuals and was able to initiate several programs within the Cincinnati Association for the Blind and Sight Impaired to support educational and professional growth in the less fortunate.

Better Days 4 Kids fulfills my love to seek out the less fortunate and work to provide a stabile basis from which to learn, grow and understand each persons potential within the community. This is a culmination of love, hard work and friendship pulling together to build something great for those that have less but want more.

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